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young hockey players lined up performing a hockey drill

Better Hockey Skills Start With A Proper Foundation

Gerow's School of Hockey Fundamentals offer a high quality school for players at all skill levels. Our program is designed to improve the skills of each individual student.

Passing & Receiving

Proper passing and receiving of the puck.


Equal leverage.


Body displacement.

Zone Positioning

Both offensive and defensive zone positioning.


Hip checks.

Puck Skill Drills

Various drills to improve puck skill.


Goaltending-specific drills.

And Many More

Many more hockey development skill.

A program for a 2 hour class consisting of 30 participants:

  • 5 minute warm up.
  • Participants are then divided into three groups to perform fundamental skating drills, with and without pucks for 45 minutes.
  • During the next 45 minutes, the group will rotate between three stations on the ice; spending approximately 15 minutes at each location. Each station will provide an activity designed to improve the three basic fundamentals of hockey.
  • The last 30 minutes of each session is a controlled three on two scrimmage. The participants will incorporate the skills that have been taught during the 90 minutes session.

NOTE: Goaltenders

Goaltenders will participate in all of the skating and puck handling drills. There are also specific drills designed for the goaltenders. Each activity is closely monitored in order to identify errors and correct them as they occur.


$50000 per student
  • 2 Hours Sessions
  • 10 Weeks
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